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“Services” includes website design and development, website renewal, graphic design, web hosting service, domain registration and all other services purchasable from Blueweb

“We”, “our” and “us” means Blueweb

“You” and “Client” means anyone subscribing our services


2.Web Design & Development

2.1 General

*Web Design & Development service will be run according to project proposal agreed and confirmed by client

*Blueweb will start work once following conditions are met;

-Client confirms the website project proposal
-Client pays 30% deposit
-Client is responsible for providing website contents including but not limited to logos, images, texts,   and other materials which will be published on the website

2.2 Revision and Quality Assurance

*Blueweb provides agreed number of revisions per page

*Blueweb provides basic Quality Assurance which ensures all features are working in correct manner

*Quality Assurance may include followings upon agreement;

-Mobile View Optimisation
-Image Revision
-Developer Manual and Online Tutorial

2.3 Final Delivery and Publication

*Final Delivery will be made once final payment is complete

*Final Delivery includes followings;

-Website Backup File(Website Source Codes and Files)

*Blueweb is not responsible for publishing a website in web hosting server arranged by client. However, Blueweb may help clients publishing the designed website but unexpected errors may occur depending on web hosting servers which may lead to delays and additional cost.